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Pretty Combat: Nonsense, Shenanigans, and Tactful Life Domination.


Serial entrepreneur, Ali Farrell, dives into the science behind using mindset for success in this no-nonsense (ok, a little nonsense, but factual) “how-to” guide.


The book offers a clear plan to catapult your life OUT of the mundane and INTO the exhilarating. Taking you from financial struggle to success, from busy with endless tasks to acting with intent, and from allowing life to happen to you to taking control, kicking ass and taking names.


Using science and hard facts, you’re given a clear plan to completely revamp your life right now- including charts, forms, and game plans.


Between success, relationships, parenting, and mental gains, many of these life lessons have been learned the hard way, so buckle down for some nonsense, shenanigans, and tactful life domination!

Pretty Combat

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