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Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting is for the person looking to write a book while respecting their work-life balance.

  • 1 hour
  • 4,995 US dollars
  • Sea Street

Service Description

Ghostwriting is an option for a person or business who is looking to get their story out there while freeing up the immense time it takes to actually write the book! It's the way to move ahead while respecting your work-life balance. Why do people hire ghostwriters? Ghostwriting allows you to present your ideas in a clear professional manner. Let's face it. Not everyone was born to be a writer. We all have our own special skills! But what if you have an amazing idea, yet lack the words to bring it to life? That's one area where a ghostwriter can come in handy. A ghostwriter can take your well-formed ideas and present them in a way everyone will enjoy. Makes building your author brand easier and more efficient. Establishing your author brand takes time. Whether it's blogging or writing a book, creating quality content doesn't always happen as fast as you'd like. And without that content, it's hard to build upon your author brand. Hiring a ghostwriter helps to ease that pain a bit. A ghostwriter is a professional who can help you achieve your goals in a quicker period of time. And since they don't take credit for the work done, your brand will benefit. ​ Allows you to explore otherwise unreachable niches. While some ghostwriters prefer to stay within selected niches, many of them spread their talents across many writing fields. They are quite literally masters of adjustment. Not only do they make niche adjustments, but stylistic and voice adjustments as well. Using a ghostwriter can help you to explore other areas you aren't quite as familiar with. Lightens your load through collaboration. And finally, hiring a ghostwriter can seriously take a load of your shoulders. With a ghostwriter, you don't have to write everything yourself. You'll have someone to collaborate with. And if you can maintain a long-term relationship with a single writer, that person will be able to better adapt to your voice, style, and tone for future projects.

Contact Details

  • 32 Sea Street, Camden, ME, USA


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